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Post Number:#1  Postby Dave » Sun Sep 05, 2004 6:51 pm

When you're composing a message, you might like to use HTML code to emphasis certain words. Or just type in a different colour or style.... Sounds complicated? It's not!

If you want bold click the B in the box above where you are entering the text, before the word to be in bold, effectively switching bold on (you'll note it shows as B* now, to show it's active) After the word, click the B again to switch it off

For italics click the i - same modus operandi

For underline use the u

To change font colour use the "Font Colour" box, and to change text size use "Font size"
These attribute changers can also be use together, like so!!

Use "Img" before a link to an image on an external site, then click it again after the link - the image will now appear in the thread (please don't link to HUGE images!)

Url before and /url after a posted page address will create a link (click URL, type or paste the link, then click URL again) It will make it appear like this instead of like this

To use the URL feature in a fancy way, like this JOOLIGANS where the word is the link, you need to type

[url=address]WORD[/url] Cool eh?! 8)

To use the smilies/emoticons, simply click on the one you like to place it in the text as you type

Finally "Quote" - If you are replying to a message and there's a particular point from earlier in the thread that you want to reply, instead of picking "Post reply" to initiate the reply page, choose "Quote" from within the message you are reading. This will then start the reply with the text from that part of the thread highlighted

Fred wrote:(alternatively, copy the text, click "Post reply" as usual, choose "Quote", paste the text, switch off quote)

(and that's what it will look like!)

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